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WordPress has plenty of features, but a PDF viewer isn't one of them. Check out these 12 best WordPress PDF viewer plugins to enhance your. Looking for a plugin to add or display PDF files in your WordPress site? Check out our expert pick of the best PDF plugins for WordPress. If you want visitors to view the files without leaving your website, you'll need the help of WordPress PDF viewer plugins. PDF files are popular.

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Wordpress Top Plugins Pdf

WordPress still doesn't support PDF embedding. Lucky for you, in this article, we have the best 8 PDF viewer WordPress plugins to consider. With PDF plugins in place, you can guide users and visitors through your website and divert their attention to important documents. This is a collection of best PDf WordPress plugins. In case you are dealing with the PDF regularly, these plugins will surely help you by making things easier.

This is a collection of best PDf WordPress plugins. In case you are dealing with the PDF regularly , these plugins will surely help you by making things easier. The value of a blog deeply relies on its content. Now, you are allowed to post multiple types of content on your website. For example, there is the option to post images files, video files, audio files, and the traditional text file contents. You can also add PDFs on your website as well if you think that to be necessary. Now for the scope of this read, we have put together a list of the best PDF viewer plugins for WordPress. There are in fact, a lot of plugins advertised to help you with this task but not all of them are good. And many times, the best ones are outshined with mediocre plugins that just has had some good marketing. This read will help you to bypass such false marketing, and find all of the best plugins for the purpose. With it installed you can display all your PDF files in a nice reader that is fully customizable and has responsive design.

Best 8 PDF Viewer WordPress Plugins

You can also upload documets from Google Drive like spreadsheets or presentations onto your webpage. Google Apps login plugin is required or the plugin will not function. To embed the file, You can access all your files on Google drive from a pop-up box and select the desired file which you want to embed on your webpage. You and your users can view, read, print or download the files without using flash or Pdf browser plugins from your website.

PDF Embedder

It is simple and also lightweight. You can easily add PDF files to the website and set the height and width to be displayed on your website. The best thing about the plugin is that, Short-codes are also available. When the links are provided, the visitors can download the blog post with that hyperlink.

You can offer a PDF download feature only to the registered users also.

Custom Fonts, headers, footers, logo, margins and watermark options are also available. The plugin can display multipage pdf files as flipbooks by using JavaScript library.

This will not let the speed of website fall down if you add large files also. This also enables you to preview the flipbook on the dashboard.

You can also add a custom title, featured image, custom styling and fonts to your PDF files. Using shortcode, you can turn the tables and change the way people make use of PDF viewer plugins.

In fact, regarding simple aesthetic value, the plugin competes for the top position. You will get a beautiful gray theme frame with a document outline to allow people easy navigation through the document.

Notable features of the plugin include customizable buttons, password protection for PDFs, image lazy loading to help apparent quick loading for large PDF documents.

WordPress PDF Light Viewer Plugin

However, you should take note that the plugin is known to have some compatibility issues with some of the other caching plugins available in the market. Also, it is not fully compatible with Internet Explorer, but there are no known issues with any other major browsers. Flowpaper Flowpaper allows you to embed your PDF files onto your website as flipbooks for your users to read through.

The plugin is ideal for you if you tend to use catalog, magazine or brochure PDFs on your website. Do note; there is a limit on the size of the PDFs files that can be uploaded to the Flowpaper cloud, the upper limit is 15 MB.

There are plenty of customization options to change the look of the flipbook; there is also a light and dark theme for you to choose from. In some cases, the plugin can be considered as a downsized version of the premium Real3D FlipBook WordPress Plugin we mentioned earlier. It makes use of flip animations and page popups to create a sense of reading a pamphlet or magazine. Besides PDF files, the plugin also does the same for all your image files as well.

For design purposes, there are pre-built templates for beginners and a bunch of customization options for the more experienced individuals. To help users navigate through the documents, the plugin makes use of thumbnails.

12 Best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins ()

There is also a bulk upload option for PDFs and images. It is very easy to use.

All you need to do is install the plugin and upload the PDF document files to your WordPress media library. The PDF will get embed onto that page or post seamlessly, and you will not have to deal with any more technicalities.

You also get access to some options that let you control some parameters of the PDF embeds like width, height, title, and so on.

The plugin comes with most of the necessary features you will need to display PDF files on your website including a quick upload button, a PDF embed button, and regular navigation functions. The embedded PDFs get snapped onto the screen seamlessly, but also gives you the option to set it manually.