Cognos 8.4 analysis studio user guide pdf


    This document applies to IBM® Cognos® 8 Version and also apply to subsequent . IBM Cognos Connection User. Guide. Authoring reports that analyze You can also read PDF versions of the product readme files and installation. This document applies to Cognos® 8 Version and also apply to subsequent . Framework Manager User. Guide. Authoring reports that analyze corporate data You can also download documentation in PDF format from the Cognos. Report Studio User Guide. USER GUIDE . Problems When Printing a PDF Manual . Appendix F: Report Studio Object and Property Reference

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    Cognos 8.4 Analysis Studio User Guide Pdf

    This document is intended for use with IBM® Cognos® Analysis Studio. . report that can be scheduled, viewed, or saved in HTML, PDF, or Excel format. Build a model with IBM Cognos Framework Manager. .. IBM Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel use case Report Studio Express Authoring Mode Replaced by Business Insight Advanced 60 .. User Guide 11 Upgrading Reports from IBM Cognos BI Version Arithmetic Overflow Error When Running a Report in PDF Format

    You use PowerPlay Studio to create and view reports that are based on multidimensional data sources. You can use IBMCognos Connection to work with entries such as reports,analyses, queries,agents,metrics,and packages. You can also use it to create and run agents and schedule entries. To create a new report,you open a package in PowerPlay Studio,select the data and format for the report,and then save the report to IBMCognos Connection. You can change the report properties so the default action is to open the report in PDF format in a Report Viewer. Regardless of the default action setting,a report consumer can choose to open the report in either PDF format or interactive format. However,if you access IBMCognos Connection without providing authentication information and then attempt to open a secured packaged,IBMCognos 8 will prompt you for credentials. In IBMCognos 8,report authors access data sources,including cubes,through packages. First,an IBMCognos 8 adminis- trator creates a data source connection to the cube. A modeler can create a business presentation of the data source using Framework Manager,the IBMCognos 8 metadata modeling tool. The modeler publishes packages fromthe model to make the data available to report authors. Optionally, for PowerCube data sources,the administrator can choose to automatically generate a package when they create the data source connection,eliminating the need to create the package in Framework Manager. You can not configure PowerPlay Studio to open in a new window.

    This particular approach involves building the pieces of your dashboard as separate components or reports.

    Metric Studio User Guide

    Rather than one Report Studio report for the whole dashboard, the authoring involves building the pieces of the dashboard separately, as independently authored reportlets. This approach provides a bit more flexibility and approaches self service, but also allows for better reuse.

    One thing that we have run into that problematic is related to parameter specifically dates passing between portlets. For a typical 6 up dashboard report, you would likely build 6 separate reports or more if you like the library approach mentioned above and a 1 filter or control report.

    Dashboard Go! Dashboard was introduced in late and begins the process of moving Cognos into the Web 2. Dashboard delivers dynamic and customizable dashboarding capabilities that enable end users to quickly create and personalize their dashboard from trusted Cognos assets with drag-and-drop ease.

    GoDash furthers the Author once consume anywhere philosophy.

    While we believe that GoDash is a step in the right direction, we would issue caution to widespread adoption. We would recccomend waiting until you upgrade to Cognos 10 before taking advantage of this capability.

    It shows where a data item came from and any calculation done on that item. Null values will now be used if selected. Divided values will now show 3 digits after the decimal except for currencies which will use the same number as the numerator. Divided values will use the same format as the numerator if the denominator is a query constant, number, or percentage.

    Cognos Report Studio Professional Author User Guide 8.4.pdf

    Else the format result will be a number. Rounding values will result in as many decimal places as the rounding precision. PDFs can now be paginated horizontally as well as vertically.

    Using custom formatting and leaving the replace null value box empty results in nulls now being shown instead of 0 values for nulls.

    Previous versions appeared to be ignoring this format and now it is being used correctly in 8. This list will still only show studios the user has the capabilities to access. In the Excel format below, the behavior stays the same and headers stay on the assigned row.

    Need to change the value to period where it is used.

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    If selected, it will return values with null.